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Time:02/18/2013 at 9:24am (UTC)
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Time:01/26/2013 at 1:07pm (UTC)
"American Idol": Isabel Gonzalez Steals the Judges Hearts
The latest Latina to shine on “American Idol” immediately charmed the hearts of the judges.

Isabel Gonzalez got the surprise of her life with her unconventional audition on Season 12 of the reality competition show.

The 16-year-old Apharetta, Ga., high school student was nominated by her aunt, Bernie Haberman, because she knew her niece would dominate <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> the competition.

“She has an amazing voice but she’d be too nervous to go alone,” Haberman said. “If you give her that little push she can rise to the occasion.”

Judge Randy Jackson surprised Gonzalez at her high school and told her to “come in front of us and sing.”

The opportunity was a dream for Gonzalez, whom told the judges she would happily ditch high school for Hollywood.

Gonzalez floored the judges with her performance of Sam Cooke’s ”Nothing Can Change This Love.”

Judge Nicki <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> Minaj said she was “absolutely head over heels in love” with Gonzalez.

“You’re doing it so effortlessly,” Minaj said. “You’re up there and you’re not even trying.”

Mariah Carey echoed the sentiments of her fellow judge, and rumored foe, telling Gonzalez, “People are going to fall in with love <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> you because you are a star!”

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Time:01/25/2013 at 7:58pm (UTC)
State Board of Education President Debe Terhar said she was not comparing President Barack Obamato Adolf Hitler when she posted a photograph of the Nazi leader on her Facebook page with a messagecritical of the administration’s new gun-control efforts.But she does say we “need to step back and think about it and look at history” to see thattyrants have disarmed their citizens.Terhar, a Cincinnati Republican elected last week by the 19-member school board to a secondterm as its president, recently posted the picture with this commentary: “Never forget what thistyrant said: ‘To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.’ — Adolf Hitler.”The photograph apparently originated with the Facebook page of Uncle Sam’s MisguidedChildren, which features a variety of anti-Obama, pro-gun posts and phot <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> os, such as scantily cladwomen hoisting large guns, a polar bear with the words “Holy f*** I’m glad I’m white,” and anothersaying “Where’s Lee Harvey Oswalt when you need him?”A few have made the Obama-to-Hitler comparison since the president proposed restricting gunrights in the wake of last month’s shooting in a Connecticut <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> elementary school that left 20children and six adults dead. Similar comparisons were made dur <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ing the 2009 health-care debate.Terhar, whose posts are visible only to her Facebook friends, said those who know her wouldunderstand that she is encouraging people to examine history as the country debates restricting gunrights. But “Someone who doesn’t know me could possibly misunderstand what my intent was.”“I’m not comparing the president to Adolf Hitler,” she said. “It’s the thought of disarmingcitizens, and this has happened throughout history. What’s the true intention of the SecondAmendment? It was to protect us from a tyrannical government, God forbid.”Terhar said she believes schools should have armed guards to protect students in caseviolence erupts, but that decision should be left to local school boards. The state board has nottaken a position on guns and student safety in the wake of the Connecticut massacre.“Schools are gun-free zones. If you have someone who is bent on causing harm, where are theygoing to go? To a place where there is little chance of resistance,” Terhar said. “It comes down toprotecting ourselves and protecting our kids.”Still, she said, “There are a number of people who don’t want armed guards, so it should be alocal decision.”In March, the state board plans to hold a public hearing on school safety. Terhar said thepanel will hear from school officials about their safety plans and consider the options districtshave for protecting students.

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Time:01/24/2013 at 5:43pm (UTC)
Westerville City Council has delayed a decision on rezoning the property at the southwest corner of Cleveland Avenue and West Main Street to allow a Tim Hortons to move into the former Key Bank building.The rezoning, from Office/Institutional District to Planned Community Commercial District, and preliminary development plan for 33 S. Cleveland Ave. was set for a public hearing at council's Jan. 15 meeting. But the proposal was tabled until Feb. 19 at the request of the developer.In November, the Westerville Planning Commission passed the issue on to City Council with a recommendation for approval; council, however, has expressed concerns over how a fast-food restaurant would impact traffic surrounding the already busy intersection.The Planning Commission addressed those concerns by attaching to its approval the condition that the city engineer's office could require the developer to build a median along West Main Street and a "pork-chop" median at its Cleveland Avenue entrance, to prevent people from turning left into or out after a one-year trial period.The city's staff now is requesting that the medians be included in the current plan and constructed in conjunction with the building's renovations.That would allow Tim Horton's to budget better for the project, said city planner Lisa LaMantia.City Engineer Susan Banbury said she wa <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> s concerned that left turns into and out of the site would add to traffic backup during peak times if the medians are not in place when the restaurant opens.Members of the council said they wo <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> rried that Tim Hortons would worsen traffic in the area -- even with the medians."Are we saying this is the best we can do, and it's still going to be bad?" asked Councilwoman Jenifer French. "How is the traffic really going to be going if there is a Tim Horton's in this?"Council Chairman Mike Heyeck questioned whether a Tim Hortons was the best use for the site and whether the site should be rezoned, as the rezoning would allow for <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> full-scale fast-food restaurants in the future."I think we need to take much more of a leadership role in the use of land rather than just someone coming in with a bright idea and an opportunity," Heyeck said.Heyeck questioned whether the city had worked to encourage a professional use, such as a law or accounting firm for the site.Assistant City Manager Julie Colley said the Tim Hortons seemed like a good use to the city's economic development staff because it would provide a better mix of uses to the area, serving the apartment complex immediately west and the day care immediately south."We thought this might be a good use for this site because of the apartment complex," Colley said. "It was a use we actually encouraged."

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